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I Have Had a Heart Attack – Can I Get Life Insurance?

This is another common question I hear every week from clients that I meet with, and it is a good question. The answer is yes, you can get insurance, but there is also more to this question.

Most of the large traditional life insurance carriers that I sell for pretty much automatically decline anyone coverage who has had a heart attack. This is where a lot of people start and stop. They apply for coverage with one of the big companies, have to go through a medical, get blood and urine work done, only to be told that the insurance company will not give them coverage. Very discouraging!

However, because I am a broker, and sell for many more companies than just the big, traditional life insurance companies, I have a lot of options at my disposal for my clients. Also, since I specialize in non-medical life insurance, I can always find coverage for my clients. Really, the only scenario when I can’t find coverage for my clients is when they are too old (which is usually above 80).

Even when you have had a heart attack, I have multiple companies that I can offer life insurance coverage to my clients, and at very affordable prices as well. I recently met with a client who had been declined coverage because of a heart attack from 3 years before, and I was able to get him a policy no problem at all. Also, he had immediate coverage for the full amount of the policy from the very first day. I love helping out my clients! 🙂

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