Is Mortgage Insurance a Good Idea?, November 28, 2019: Many of the clients that I have met with in the past have talked to be about the good deal they got at the bank regarding mortgage insurance. Not only did they get approved for the mortgage with the bank, but for only a ‘little’ more payment (often included right away in the mortgage payment, […]

What Is Permanent Life Insurance?, October 22, 2019: In my last article, I explained what term insurance was. In this article, I will go over what permanent life insurance is. In essence, permanent life insurance is just like its name: it is life insurance that never goes away (not like term life insurance); it is permanent. It is a life insurance product where […]

What Is Term Life Insurance?, October 22, 2019: One of the most common misconceptions about life insurance is that all products are the same. I often meet with clients who want the least expensive product (term 10), but don’t realize what happens to their coverage and premium long term. As a result, I usually spend time with most clients going over the difference […]

Insurance Age Different from Actual Age?, October 18, 2019: I recently received an email from a client asking about his age. He was confused. He had been looking at the illustration I had left with him and thought that I had made a mistake! Mistakes do happen, but not on this illustration. He was wondering why this illustration said that he was 66, when […]

Life Insurance for Seniors, September 24, 2019: I cannot tell you how many times I have met with clients who are seniors who find out after they have retired that they no longer have any life insurance coverage. I regularly hear from people almost every week who tell me “I didn’t realize that I would lose my coverage when I stopped working”. […]