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Life Insurance for Seniors

I cannot tell you how many times I have met with clients who are seniors who find out after they have retired that they no longer have any life insurance coverage. I regularly hear from people almost every week who tell me “I didn’t realize that I would lose my coverage when I stopped working”.

Many of my clients had coverage while they were working through a group benefits plan, and didn’t realize that their coverage goes away once they retire, or that their coverage stopped once they stopped working at their place of employment. If you are or were in a situation like this, there are a number of reasons why this might be difficult:

  1. You lost coverage you thought you had.
  2. You have medical conditions which you think will make it harder to get coverage.
  3. You are older and wonder if you can even get coverage now.
  4. You think that getting life insurance coverage now will be too expensive.

However, do not worry! Because I am a life insurance broker who sells for multiple companies, I have many different options to offer to clients, that are extremely affordable. It is extremely rare for me to not be able to offer an affordable life insurance plan to my clients – even if they are retired with medical concerns. I have regularly been able to find life insurance plans for clients who have had strokes, heart attacks, and cancer in the past, or even those who have current conditions such as diabetes.

So don’t worry if you have lost coverage, but give me a call or email today! 🙂